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Why Dalmec


Why Dalmec


Dalmec Manipulators are equipments designed for the manual handling of loads and, therefore, suited to reduce the risks of injures to the back.

Increased productivity

Safety first and foremost

When moving loads of up to 1500 Kg, safety must be paramount.
The EC mark positioned on each Manipulator guarantees and certifies the conformity to the safety requirements of the European standards:

– 2006-42 Machinery Directive
– European standards on safety

Endless possibilities

Every Manipulator is the working combination of different engineering solutions, uniquely tailored to suit the particular handling requirements of each individual industrial sector.

Manual handling of loads

Legislative decree No. 81 dated 09/04/2008.

These rules are applied to the activities involving the manual handling of loads with risks to the operators of injuries to the back.
The workplace must be fitted with proper means to reduce the risks deriving from the manual handling of loads.
When it is not possible to avoid the manual handling of the loads (lifting, pushing, drawing, transport), the employer must provide the worker with suitable means to reduce the risks deriving from these operations.
Limit values for the lifting of loads:

  • Kg 25 Adult males
  • Kg 20 Adult females
  • Kg 20 Teenage males
  • Kg 15 Teenage females

There are coefficients of reduction of the limit values, which consider:

The installation of mechanical arms also for weights lower than 30 kg, enables the operator to:

  • Work quicker
  • Notably reduce physical fatigue
  • Eliminate the risk for the back
  • Non-skilled personnel to carry out manual handling
  • Reduce the risk of injuries.